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March 01, 2018

Village Diaries, Part: 2/2 (Color Play Photography Edition)

 Hi! Hope you guys enjoyed reading my last post. So, here’s the second edition to that one.

The previous one was based on the achromatic/ neutral color scheme photography, and now this one is somewhat different. It’s the color play in photography.

Here, please try to notice different color schemes, and how they are captured in the frame.
Let's begin.

  • Bright and contrasting colors brings life to anything. They look playful and attractive, and give a lasting impression on the mind of the viewer. For instance, notice the combination of red & blue, and also red & green in this photograph.

bright colors, contrasting colors, photography, indian village, weaving threads, hand loom 
  • These were the cotton threads used for weaving. Together, the attracted me, and I couldn't resist myself from clicking their photograph. These colors also bring a sense of balance, asymmetrical balance, to the whole snap, thus making it look more artistic and aesthetic. Bright red with subtle green is always a good option.

bright and subtle color combination, photography, village, India, weaving

  • This one is purely the warm color scheme. Notice the variation, gradation of one color to another, and how they are blending together in the eyes, sans any effort!

warm colors, cotton threads, textile, photography, iphone photography,

  •  Again, the bright, complementary and playful colors are the main attraction. Also, the placement of the objects is very interesting.

bright colors, contrasting colors, photography, indian village, weaving threads, hand loom, texties

  • (This is how these colorful threads are wrapped around the wooden bases, so that they don't tangle later, and it is easier to work with.)

bright colors, contrasting colors, photography, indian village, weaving threads, hand loom, untangle, wooden frames

  • Obviously, how can we forget the cool color scheme? I, honestly, never knew that before, that the combination of blue and brown looks that good together! This photograph is of one of the very-typical kind of area from an Indian village. The composition here may not be that good, but I am so in love it's colors, & that's the reason why I am sharing this with you guys.

cool colors, typical village photography, Indian village, blue and brown, aesthetics

  • This photograph, because it has some emotional values attached to it. "We were just walking past the roads of the village, when these children asked us to stop and click a photograph of them, and they even posed for me :D After getting the picture clicked, they were really glad and contended, with those bright smiles on their faces. Seeing them happy, made me happy :') " *happy tears*

random clicks, indian villages, happy faces in photography, indian population,under the trees, nature, village diaries

  • The color contrast of the sarees of the women, to the background  is beautiful. Here, again, bright color is contrasted with subtle shades.

candid, photography, village, india, saree, women in india, bright colors, subtle colors

indian jugaad, scooter, photography, village, indian village, colors

  • I tried to capture a glimpse of the culture of the village in this picture. The draping of the clothes, the household and those big, bright, warm and welcoming smiles, that makes you feel homely :') *sobbing*

welcoming faces, smiling faces, photography, indian village, cycle photography, saree draping, gujarat, indian family

  • "Long way to go! ;) "

one-point perspective, photography, village, India, weaving, hand loom, nature, colors

I tried to cover almost all different color schemes through my clicks, but still if you feel I missed on some point or other, or I should post more snaps regarding the subject, do let me know! : )

Co-incidentally, today is also the festival of colors, today is 'Holi' in India. So, I wish you all a very happy and colorful Holi. Best Wishes. Cheers! :D

Hope you creative design guys like it! You may please feel free to leave your queries (if any) in comments below and also suggest your intelligent suggestions :)

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