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November 08, 2018

How to create aesthetic light-painting compositions

Hey folks! How y’all doing? Hope you had a good Diwali. As promised, I’m back with some other light painting photographs (from this Diwali) for you!

(P.S.: For the first time in my life, I felt that spending money on crackers and fireworks is actually worth it, otherwise, for me it's mostly a big no-no for all these things; pollution is one thing, but honestly that is not the actual reason: I'd rather spend on food and clothes, than this :p)

Have a look:
  • Beginning with my favorite one: this one looks like a 'piece of art' to me (lol). No but really, I 'feel' this photograph. I feel connected. This reminds me of those childhood fantasies of mine taking me to another world, the magical one, where fairies exists, where everything is just too perfect to be true...

how to do long exposure photography hacks and tricks

  • The kind of birds we all used to draw in our childhood, when the teacher asked us to draw a scenery :D And I'm still surprised, how can 'these' birds look so aesthetic! (Well, I'm even more surprised, because some firecracker actually burst out to create THIS effect XD)

exploring bulb mode on dslr

  • Some constellations broke upon our house yesterday. And, it was cool af.

how to do photography like a pro

  • I've even almost been to 'the' black hole. If you don't believe me, check out my another click:

pro level applications of the exposure triangle

  • Do you believe in 'God'? If not, maybe you'll start believing from now on. (However, honestly, I don't!) What if I tell you that I've seen all the 'prayers' reaching their destination, where they are meant for; and will you consider me lucky enough to be able to capture them for you to see them too?!
shooting star trails with bulb mode on dslr

  •  Maybe, you won't be able to 'read' this photograph initially, but here is how I interpreted this one: the thing in the lower left corner looks like a human stick figure, in the center of the image can be visualized (or imagined) as the world we live in, and that little light in the upper right of the frame is the divine, the ultimate power (sometimes considered as 'the God'). The whole thing is about the significance of the human (now on his knees) alone in this big world, trying to find himself, and the meaning of the life, ultimately.

easy pro level photography tips with natgeo

So, this Diwali was all about how aesthetic my pictures are. Other than that, you know growing up makes things boring. But off course I had fun clicking photographs and then writing about them.

What were you experiences regarding Diwali, and this light-painting photography, do let me know in the comments section below. Also, above were my 'interpretations' of these images, but I'll love to what you all think about them and how you see them :)

There's a lot more to come. I'll be posting more photographs soon. Till then, stay  tuned!

Hope you creative design guys like it! You may please feel free to leave your queries (if any) in comments below and also suggest your intelligent suggestions :)

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