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What is Digital Poetry: Introduction and How to create one of your own, an easy tutorial

Poetry has always been a very strong tool for the artists, as well the normal people, novice too, to dump it all they feel, with the medium of their words.
It is not really a difficult thing to do, only it takes is one’s soul and heart.
Like the old times, even today, a diary and a pen can make you feel much better than hanging out with the people around you, who are, most of the time just being pretentious, and not real. Poetry makes you feel good; it is one thing where you can be true to yourself and years later, when you read it again, you can still relive those moments. Better idea than just clicking photographs? I know right!
So what do you do when you feel happy? Write. What do you do when you are almost suicidal? You write (you won’t feel that urge anymore.); and most importantly, what do you do when you have no friends or nobody to listen you?Write.
Well, here I would like to bring a point: unlike the old times, today, poetry is not only about a pen and a paper, there is much more …

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