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My Light- Painting compositions and ideas I get after seeing my photographs

Light- Painting is basically painting, drawing or performing with light. I had explored this earlier, too, but hadn't shared all my work regarding the same.
I had wanted to write to this post so bad, because this is my favorite type: I can make up theories of my own, which means complete freedom, and trust me- I love it.
Also this post is in supplement and a continuation in the series to one of my older posts: How to create aesthetic light-painting compositions

Magic is cliche and rare, but not obsolete.

Have you ever seen a group of fireflies aesthetically attacking the center of the black hole? Well if no is your answer, here I've got something for you.

What's better than a subtle, sensitive artistic stroke, and what if that's something that occurred naturally, by light, in the sky? oh my my!

Some constellations broke upon our house yesterday PART:2. LOL! (for this insider, refer to my the first part of the series, which I had mentioned in the beginning.)
Check out my very …

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