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January 16, 2019

My first Digital Art using Autodesk Sketchbook: Ideas and inspiration for beginners

"Pure, beautiful soul" they say, and I feel it whenever I think about you.
Dedicating my first attempts of digital art to you.

how to create easy digital art for beginners

Honestly, it makes me very sad whenever I realize, I can't hold your hands anymore.
Wish we could have spent a little more time, together. Wish we could have been together for a little longer. Wish I could have just sat besides you, doing nothing, and only looking at you and feeling you around me.
Wish we could have talked a little more...

digital art using different software on windows and mac

There was so much I had always wanted to say to you, but never did.
I am not good with words and maybe you knew it too.
P.S.: I love you.

To someone I had always loved, and forever will:)

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