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First Multi-sensory Art Exhibition in Paris', by Culturespaces: Atelier des Lumières, The 'Workshop of Lights'

Atelier des Lumières , Paris’ first digital museum (which was once a factory), aims as reviving paintings, photography, sculpture through immersive digital displays. The museum is founded by Culturespaces , a French museum foundation that specialize in immersive art displays. photo courtesy: atelier-lumieres Instead of the traditional methods, the essence of art is brought to life with multi-sensory experiences . The opening exhibition is dedicated to Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and a century of Viennese painting. Another major show, Starry Night, pays tribute to the Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh. Along with these two, a smaller room, Le Studio, is reserved for emerging as well as contemporary artists – and exploring AI and digital installations. Have a look: The inaugural show at the Atelier witnessed a great success and it came back for a limited run again in 2019. In its mesmerizing, 360-degree view of artworks, one finds oneself completely immersed

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