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Digital Painting for old-school fanatics this Valentine's

Infinite sets of permutations and combinations, uncountable possibilities, still why did we two ended up together (not really) in the given space at the time which is now?

Honestly, Valentines is nothing but a product of capitalism. But still, when asked to write about it- its not just about hearts, kisses and chocolates; but actually about little things that we choose to ignore on a daily basis, like the night sky, the beautiful fireflies, cold breeze by your nose tip as you lay on the terrace of your home at 3 in the night, tiny drops of water on your eyes lashes, after season’s first rain; and the list goes on.

Not that the world’s mad (or maybe it is!) and doing it all wrong, but being an old school fanatic, this is what i could come up with.

Also, this video is on my official YouTube channel, please do subscribe there :)
There's a lot more to come. Till then, stay  tuned!
Hope you creative design guys like it! You may please feel free to leave your queries (if any) in comments bel…

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