First Multi-sensory Art Exhibition in Paris', by Culturespaces: Atelier des Lumières, The 'Workshop of Lights'

Atelier des Lumières, Paris’ first digital museum (which was once a factory), aims as reviving paintings, photography, sculpture through immersive digital displays.
The museum is founded by Culturespaces, a French museum foundation that specialize in immersive art displays.

digital art exhibition Atelier des Lumières Culturespaces
photo courtesy: atelier-lumieres

Instead of the traditional methods, the essence of art is brought to life with multi-sensory experiences. The opening exhibition is dedicated to Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and a century of Viennese painting.
Another major show, Starry Night, pays tribute to the Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh. Along with these two, a smaller room, Le Studio, is reserved for emerging as well as contemporary artists – and exploring AI and digital installations.

Have a look:

The inaugural show at the Atelier witnessed a great success and it came back for a limited run again in 2019.

In its mesmerizing, 360-degree view of artworks, one finds oneself completely immersed in a completely another world, a parallel universe, where artworks slowly come to life and characters come out of their frames, and the onlookers try to reach out to them and touch them!

Atelier des Lumières, The 'Workshop of Lights' digital multi-sensory experience
photo courtesy: atelier-lumieres

To bring the whole 3D experience to artworks and artists, the Atelier has 140 laser video projectors and 50 speakers. The playlist for the soundtrack includes music by Beethoven, Chopin, Wanger among many others.

3D Artificial Intelligence First Multi-sensory Art Exhibition in Paris
photo courtesy: atelier-lumieres

The canvases for projecting artworks are walls, ceiling, floor and pillars of the building; which bring a very natural feel to the whole experience. The whole futuristic art exhibition has been very popular among tourists, as well as the locals. According to Bruno Monnier, president of Culturespaces, “as cultural practices are evolving, cultural offerings and learning must be in step with them”, and "the marriage of art and digital technology is, the future of the dissemination of art among future generations." Thus, in an attempt to draw the young audience’ attention and make fine art more accessible, this proved to be a real innovative (as well as interactive) step towards the future, that still has a lot to unravel!

There's a lot more to come. Till then, stay  tuned!

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