Nat Geo's fame 'that' 'Afghan Girl' with 'GREEN EYES': Sharbat Gula- Portrait in Pencil

Nat Geo's fame MYSTERY 'Afghan Girl' with 'GREEN EYES': Sharbat Gula- Potrait in Pencil
green eye afghan girl of national geographic fame, arrested in pakistan of fraud identity
'Green Eyed' Afghan Girl: Original Picture vs Pencil Sketch
Who is ‘Afghan Girl’, Sharbat Gula?

Afghan girl, Sharbat Gula  is a refugee of war, who used to live in a refugee camp near Peshawar, Pakistan, when she was photographed and immortalized by the National Geographic Cover, Captured by an American photographer, Steve McCurry. The Afghan Girl is known for her piercing ‘Green Eyes', yes her eyes have a magic, that Nat Geo stunned whole of the world with this very HUMANISTIC picture shoot.

She was just 12 when her photograph was clicked by McCurry. The camera captured her face reflecting struggle and hardships people face in a refugee camp. Her photograph, clicked by chance, later became one of the world’s most recognized photos of human struggle.

18 years later, again McCurry found her, and captured her image, now in her 40s, and a mother of four.

Here is a Portrait (pencil sketch) of the ‘Afghan Girl’, designed by me:

afghan girl, nat geo cover photo pencil sketch
Pencil Portrait of the 'Afghan girl' with 'GREEN EYES': Sharbat Gula

How I made it: I began with sketching the basic face structure first. I found it a bit challenging, as it is a partial side view, but anyway I had to do it. So, after I was done with the basic structure, I began giving shade to her extraordinarily beautiful green eyes. Most of my focus was on her eyes, than any other part. I gave 1/4th of my time sketching the eyes. Afterwards, I sketched rest of her features, including her nose, lips, hair and her ‘Hijab’.

PRO Tip:
1.   Final touch was added by the shades on her face, which reflected her struggle as a refugee. Use of soft pencil strokes is necessary.
2.  DO NOT USE erasers, especially for the eyes, instead, do shading in layers, that is, from light to dark.
3.  While shading the nose, NEVER ‘outline’ the nose bone, I repeat, NEVER. Instead, give the effect of the nose bone with pencil shading. Only sketch/ outline the base of the nose with pencil.
4.  Keep calm and have patience, if your ‘first’ portrait not looks like what you wanted it to be, then don’t panic, and keep practicing. Things tend to improve with time. All the best!

afghan girl with green eyes of national geographic fame, original photo, aged 12
'Afghan Girl' with green eyes, courtesy National Geographic
afghan girl with green eyes of national geographic fame, original photo, aged in her 40s
THAT Afghan Girl' with green eyes,Sharbat Gula, now, courtesy NAT GEO
Hope you creative design guys like it! You may please feel free to rate this sketch in comments below and also suggest your intelligent suggestions :)

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  1. u hav proven urself to be a very skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things with their life. Continue to make us proud as you face new challenges and adventures!! :) good luck... and nice art, sketch, or whtever u r doing.... vaise hmesha se he best wishes for ur future... one day u ll shine....

    1. Thank You, mayank! Means a lot. I am glad you liked my art. Thanks for your appreciation, it made my day :) All the Best and keep rocking!

  2. Nice sketch, wonderful content, She was a mystery and now a living history, looking fwd more such :)

  3. Cool Stuff. Keep rocking and exploring your creativity through such initiatives.

    1. Thank you sir, your photography blog is mind-blowing! Hope to do something as great as that in near future, looking forward for your guidance :)


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