How I create and interpret Abstract Digital Artwork

Hey fam!

How're you all? It's been too long. More than a year, to be exact.

Past few months have been crazyyy!!!

A lot has changed, a lot ended and so much new has begun.πŸ’—

During some of the dark times, art helps. I created this abstract digital painting last year, but could never publish it then :(

While creating this one, I felt so much chaos around (and inside) myself, and I constantly had this feeling of ultimately losing myself into some unknown, dark place.

But one of the several things I am grateful to take away from my experiences is that no matter how bad things may feel at a point of time, those feelings will pass- we just need to give them (and ourselves) the time as well as space to heal and grieve, instead of avoiding them time and again.

"This too shall pass."

DIY Abstract painting and Digital Art tutorial

What are your interpretations for this artwork?πŸ‘€ I would love to hear, share with me in the comment section below!

Also, I'll try to be more active on my blog from now on, as I was in the pastπŸ˜„

There's a lot more to come. Till then, stay  tuned!

Hope you creative design guys like it! You may please feel free to leave your queries (if any) in comments below and also suggest your intelligent suggestions :)

Check out my work Portfolio here, and feel free to write to me for any inquiries, collaborations or projects. 

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