What is Google Design Sprint and How it Works?

A design sprint is a five-phase, time-constrained process to work on a design project, build a prototype and test it, in just five days! It involves design thinking, with saving a lot of time and expense.

About Google Design Sprint

Google Design Sprint was created in 2010, by Jake Knapp. In 2012, the Design Sprint was introduced to Google Ventures, which later in 2012 and 2013 published a how-to series about Design Sprints. The Sprint book, by Jake Knapp, came out in 2016.
introduction to design strategy thinking with Google Design Sprint five phase process
Photo courtesy: Google Design Sprint

Apart from Google, many other companies, like, LEGO, Airbnb, Uber, McKinsey, etc., have been running Design Sprints today.

How the Five-Phase Process Works:

  • Monday is basically dedicated to thinking, and picking up the problem to work upon, for the rest of the week, and mapping the challenge.
  • Tuesday goes for critical and deep thinking about the problem. Instead of brainstorming as a group, each individual of the team works on this part individually and sketches the possible solutions they think will work.
  • On Wednesday, all the solutions sketched by the team on Tuesday are displayed, critiqued and voted. The ones with the most number of votes are taken and weaved into a storyboard,to prepare a step-by-step plan for the prototype. 
  • Thursday demands the creation of the realistic-looking prototype, based on the storyboard created the previous day.
  • On Friday, the prototype would be placed for testing. Five customers test the prototype,generate feedback and the team has a one-on-one interview with each of them; which helps generate the data before the actual launch.

Pros of running a Design Sprint:

  • It allows you to know the shortcomings with your design and you are rework on it before its actual launch
  • Sprints work as a great collaboration tool as it gives you a chance to work with fellow designers and others from the industry as well. 
  • You get the users' feedback and validation at an early stage
  • Time saving and effective way to solve design problems quickly.

There's a lot more to come. Till then, stay  tuned!

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