"Just a random click": How and what to look around for interesting compositions in day to day life?

Hey! How are y'all doing?
My life is so boring these days: I don't have much stuff to do, and hence I am always looking out for something interesting around :(

Today, I'll be sharing some more photographs from my visit (for assignment),to Ahmedabad.
Here you go:

  • "Just another day."
This is just a very...lazy click, as I call it. A regular day, nothing special; just that: I tried to involve one- point perspective while capturing it. I haven't edited this one, at all!! But, maybe, clicking it in black and white is actually what had made some difference (its as UX/UI added 'drama' to the composition).

nat geo photography, vsco, bbc, sketch artist, ilovesketchart, photography, architecture,  Ahmadabad, street photography

  • Who doesn't want to dance here with Shah Rukh Khan (and Shahid Kapoor, off course <3) ?

Those who have no clue about what the heck I just said, sorry guys, for this one you need a strong Bollywood reference :D
This place is just so perfect for a typical Bollywood shot, OMG! Take me back to the 90s, to the black and white era, when everything was just perfect!!!

bhadra fort, aesthetic, sketch artist, ilovesketchart, photography, architecture,  Ahmadabad, heritage city, walk, street photography,

  • An old 'haveli' (mansion) in old Ahmedabad's pole. 
I know this is not a real amazing click or something, but sharing this one, because this was a place of some architectural significance, so why not?!

Gujarati, Rajasthani haveli (mansion ) monochrome photography see aesthetic

There's a lot more to come. I'll be posting more photographs soon. Till then, stay  tuned!

Hope you creative design guys like it! You may please feel free to leave your queries (if any) in comments below and also suggest your intelligent suggestions :)

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